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IIM Raipur contracts with Clarion IT Pvt. Ltd. to provide camera and network solutions. As a trusted partner, we provide IIM Raipur with premium cameras that are adapted to their particular requirements. The security and oversight capabilities of the campus are enhanced by our choice of IP cameras, CCTV systems, and surveillance cameras.

We offer complete network solutions in addition to camera supply in order to optimise the network infrastructure at IIM Raipur. Our staff of qualified experts ensures dependable network security, efficient data transfer, and ongoing connectivity. We provide network design, installation, setup, and ongoing maintenance services to meet IIM Raipur technological needs. When you choose Clarion IT Pvt. Ltd. as your dependable partner for camera and network solutions, you'll benefit from dependable hardware, smooth connectivity, and increased security for the campus of IIM Raipur.

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IIM Raipur
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Hardware Supply