• Balgopal Foods


Brand Identity Creation

project details

Since 2002, Balgopal Foods has been a significant producer of rice bran oil in Odisha. In 2020, when we met Mr Gopal Agrawal of Balgopal Foods, the company had a website with poor visibility.

We began our work by observing the leading brands and discovered several elements that could be useful in the planning for Balgopal Foods. We recognized that Balgopal Foods needed a visual update and needed unity in design across prints, packaging, and digital presence. We started by developing a persona for Balgopal Foods’ ideal consumer base.

We then designed a completely new logo. After that, we worked on style scape possibilities, typography, colors of the brand and various other visual elements. Then packaging was designed with the brand aspects, while maintaining a consistent look. After that, we revamped the old website after examining competitors’ websites. We then worked on the brand guide which included every rule to be followed,i.e., from the use of logo to the mockup of the website.

project summary

client name
Balgopal Foods
launch date
12 may 2020
Packaging Design, Website, Social Media Marketing Note Book, Visiting Card, Envelop Design,

Lastly, we’re also working on creatives, pamphlets and keeping the company’s social media presence up to date.